Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Summary of Everlasting Life

We all want to be remembered but really may not comprehend immortality. It's as simple as your story. It starts from the day you were born. Your father will see you as faultless. Childhood will pass. Teachers cherish the chance to fill your head. You make friends and followers. You lead and you serve. You will make an enemy or two. Someone close will severe your ties, spread rumors and make you cry. Your mother always the Saint will believe when others deny you. Life will vanish like you were a ghost and then reappear for those close to note. Your story so good it has to be told will inspire, incite the young and the old. Centuries pass your chronicle lives on, a legend but words that give rise to write songs. Everlasting life may be given with death but first the story told others must vet. Were you God-like or profit or lesser of role. Were you evil or demon damning your soul.
A child is born in Bethlehem -and so eternal life begins. It's a simple story but one that will live throughout eternity. -A.Quintin Smith

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